The Story of Dove & Olive

Meet Hannah

Hannah Weisberg here, owner and founder of Dove & Olive! I'm a thirty-(almost 40)-something who LIVES for outside time with my family, girl trips and Rosè all day Saturdays. How did I get here? It's a long story with a lot of twists and turns, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I've lived in NYC (twice), Boston, Miami and my hometown of Raleigh. There have been more jobs and moves than I care to admit, but it's all a part of the journey that led me here. Two years ago I decided to stop living my life in "pause" and take the leap to start the process of opening my own business, Dove & Olive Mercantile. Through being forced to adapt and pivot, I’ve had dreams come to fruition that weren’t even on my radar because I never allowed myself to dream that big. It was in the process of losing my business where I really found my motivation, my purpose and ultimately, myself.

Dove & Olive started off as my personal mission to create a single place for the Raleigh community to gather, but when I had to close the Mercantile location due to the extended impact of COVID-19, my mission evolved. One of the things I loved most about our original space was the workshops we held, and it was in putting those workshops together that I began to understand where my passion truly lies. My sole purpose is to be a connector of people, specifically other women, through creating authentic experiences designed to cultivate mentorships, relationships and all things networking for our women-in-business community.

This realization is what led to the evolution of The Women’s Social Club! 

While The Social Club will have its 'official' launch early next year, I will be doing a soft-launch offering a limited number of Founder Memberships beginning in September 2020. To find out more about joining, head over to our Membership tab and get ready to transform your network and build your community!

How Dove & Olive Started

Dove & Olive Mercantile

Dove & Olive's original event and workshop space was located in the heart of the Five Points neighborhood at 233 Bickett Blvd. While this location has permanently closed due to the extended impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, its mission has sparked the development of new community focused projects in our city.

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