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Bloom Where You Are Planted

2018 was a year of deep introspection and it was a blessing! As part of this introspective process, my hope was to realize my purpose. I'm sure that sentence sounds more than a little ridiculous to most people because it isn't something that's tangible. Purpose isn't something you can strive to achieve or something you can buy, it is what God created you to be. It's inside you and unique only to you.

A pattern I've noticed in listening to the journey of others has been that most of the time your purpose is something that you have been searching for for yourself and it's likely something that you would consider to be a weakness, even something you believe yourself to be incapable of doing. Take me for example, I can be cripplingly shy when I meet new people and I often struggle to let my guard down even with my own family as well as with lifelong friends. Yet, this shy and guarded woman feels led to overcome the seemingly impossible and go outside of what's comfortable to create a place where everyone feels like they are welcome.

With that, I'm excited to invite you on my journey to opening a brick and mortar retail cafe within the local Mordecai, Oakwood communities. This store will be a modern-day take on a local general store providing a rotating selection of curated finds ranging from home goods to apparel and accessories. Raleigh Coffee Company will also have its very own in-store Pop Up shop for patrons to enjoy coffee and tea while they shop or lounge in the many seating areas, both indoor and outdoor, offered at Dove & Olive.

This blog and Instagram account will be a way for me to share and document the whole process (the good, the bad and the ugly). The idea of failing in an extremely public way is beyond scary, but the idea of getting to create something for the community I live in along with the people living in it is worth the risk.

Okay, here we go....