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Faith Over Fear

For anyone that knows me, admitting to being afraid of something won't come as a huge shock. It's kind of been "my thing" for as long as I can remember. These fears have ranged from my obsessing over physical ailments to social anxieties and then there's my less than casual approach to flying or traveling in general. So what's helped to lessen my anxiety overall? Well, to put it simply, my faith.

The definition of faith is, "the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" Hebrews 11:1. While I was raised in a christian environment for the entirety of my growing up, faith wasn't personal for me until somewhat recently. You see the fears and anxiety all stemmed from an overall feeling of being out of control and there is no controlling faith.

Specifically what I've learned through this journey so far is that the key is letting go. When you relieve yourself mentally, physically and emotionally of holding onto anger, bitterness and resentment both toward yourself and others, that's the equivalent of taking off a book bag filled with boulders that we've all been carrying around for most of our lives. When you don't have anger, you have forgiveness. When you don't have bitterness, you have grace. When there is no more resentment, you have peace.

We have gotten to a point in building this business where we have officially crossed the line from it being a fun dream to things getting really real. Writing checks and putting everything we have on the line kind of feels like jumping off of a cliff with no idea where to land. To be honest, I'm really scared. My nervous thoughts are intercepted though by encouraging words from the amazing team we've built around us who deeply care about not only the success of this future business, but about my family and I.

While the restless feelings of doubt and the overall fear of failure will likely always be lingering in the background, I would go through all of this again if it meant learning this process of letting go.